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5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business During COVID

During the COVID pandemic, businesses have been struggling, and some shut down. A lot of companies reverted to working online because they had to shut their doors. It can be hard to move from in-person to over the web with no warning. But the good news is, there are plenty of online resources to grow your online business even in the midst of a pandemic. From everything from taking advantage of social media to paying for online ads, there are numerous ways to grow your business.

Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to promote your business without dropping a dime. While you can pay for extra features, most allow for a lot of free flexibility. Most people nowadays are on some sort of social media, so you have a good chance of reaching a broad amount of potential clients. Each one runs a bit differently and some things work better on some than others, but in general, if you post daily or bidaily, you’re likely to get a lot of views and free advertisements.


Many people are down money due to the virus and don’t have tons of extra money to spend. Hosting discounts, or even free giveaways, are more likely to get you business than higher prices. The important thing is to keep your business in people’s minds, and if they can’t afford you, they’re going to move on to someone they can afford. So if you advertise discounts, they will be more likely to get a foot into your business and stay, even when the prices move back up to normal.

Appreciate Employees

With everything that has happened with covid, a lot of employees are stressed and burning out. People are getting sick, and places are understaffed. Moving online when you’re used to working in person can be confusing and spike anxiety. With all of this going on, it’s not too hard to have employees that burn out fast. So to make sure that your business grows, you have to make sure your team is getting plenty of encouragement and fair work. Overworked employees can eventually end you with no employees, and it can be hard to run a business with no employees.

Software Training

There are a lot of useful softwares that make online business more manageable. But if you don’t know how to use them, you can’t optimize their usage. A lot of softwares come with training and instructions, but if you need more help, there are plenty of free videos you can find on YouTube. Just search for the software and how to use it, or more specific questions. Some of the software that you might find helpful would be Zoom for team meetings, Canva for easy graphic design, and Squarespace for web design, to name a few.

Online Ads

If you’re having trouble finding new clients, then you can throw a little money into paid ads. You don’t even have to go anywhere new to do this. Many social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, have built-in ads you can pay for. You can adjust the amount of money you want to spend and for how many days. The key to good ads is to keep them short, to the point, and appealing. If it’s a long ad, people are more likely to click away. You need to grab their attention from the very first second and hold it until they click on your page.

Switching your business online can be scary and stressful. Make sure to take a deep breath and tackle one thing at a time. You can figure it out and thrive just as well as you were before, maybe even better. The internet is a vast place that is just waiting for you to expand your arm of reach and influence the world with your growing online business. During this hard time with closures, quarantining, health concerns, and job loss, you can be a light in the darkness by continuing to push forward and overcome these struggles with your business. Remember to look into social media platforms, consider offering discounts, value your employees, learn all you can about the software you use, and get paid advertisements if you need them. 

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