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7 Popular Marketing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

Since the beginning of 2020, more and more people are starting to work from home. From people quitting their jobs, getting fired, to being forced to work from home by their companies. All of these contributed to the surge of remote working.

This new trend of working from home is definitely a breath of fresh air for many people. Especially those who are working in the marketing business. Marketing is one of many career paths that allows you to work from home. For this specific reason, I have created a list of popular marketing jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Social media manager

This is probably the most common type of marketing job on the market today. A social media manager is someone who takes care of communicating and engaging the community. If you’re good at communicating with strangers, why not do it and getting paid at the same time?

Every brand or company pretty much needs a social media manager to keep their pages active. Because inactive pages will give bad impressions to customers. Many customers will trust a company or brand more if they’re active on social media. Even individual content creators need social media managers too.

Marketing designer

As the title suggests, it combines design and marketing into one job. You’ll be responsible for creating marketing materials while taking into accounts the basic principles of both graphic design and marketing.

If you choose to take this career, you’re demanded to be creative and logical in your thought process. It’s definitely not easy, and you should always be ready for the challenges.

SEO specialist

This job is very popular and probably only second to social media manager. Articles are needed by companies and brands just as much as social media posts. Therefore, if you’re able to write effective and interesting articles you’ll have a chance to earn money for many clients.

The biggest challenge is being able to adapt to Google’s new requirements. You have to follow the newest update in SEO optimization, otherwise, you’ll be left behind.

Digital advertising specialist

The world of advertising is always changing, with digital advertising at the forefront. Out of all types of advertisements, digital advertising is always the one that companies or brands care about the most. The same goes for the users, they care more about digital advertisement than banners or pop-ups.

Successful digital campaigns have launched many brands to the top of the market. If you’re a digital advertising specialist, then you should be able to work comfortably from your home.

Product marketing manager

Combining both technical and marketing skills, and you’ll get product marketing. If you love both the technical side of a product, you should try being a product marketing manager. Your role will be to manage new product releases, internal communications, and carrying the message that will make people excited for new products.

While it’s true that the product marketing manager position is often done on-site, it is still very possible to be done remotely. You can easily communicate with other team members and see or try new products without being in the same room. This is especially useful for startups that have limited space.


The best way for companies or brands to communicate their products to the public is by hiring copywriters. Copywriting has also been announced as one of the best marketing jobs that can be done from home. Many successful copywriters are also working remotely – some are even moving from country to country.

Nowadays, every work that you could produce is digital. Think of websites, e-books, sales copies, blog articles, etc. they’re all digital. And it doesn’t matter how many hours you put in, what matters is your work outputs. That’s why being a freelance copywriter is a popular choice.

Digital marketing consultant

I’ve seen so many startups in digital marketing consultation, and they’re all doing really well. Also, being a digital marketing consultant allows you to be very flexible with your time. And this is also a type of job that requires years of experience in the industry, so if you do have enough experience, this could be your dream job.

On top of that, being a digital marketing consultant pays really well. You can either work remotely as a freelance or for a digital marketing firm. Whichever you want to choose, you can always work remotely

Being a freelancer or working for a company?

Working from home is very flexible, and thanks to the technology that we have today, anyone can do it. Whether working as a freelancer or for a company, there are just so many types of jobs in marketing that you can do. Now it’s time to choose and build your career.

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