My name is Payton. I’m a hipster-wannabe lifestyle ninja writer, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I’m also an avid traveler. Working online as a social media specialist enables me to work wherever. It also gives me the opportunity to have more time to write. Writing is a great medium for me to share my experiences and knowledge. I love it when people are interested on things that I share.

We all want to live a meaningful, happy life — it’s one of the deepest-rooted desires as humans. I believe that being the best version of yourself or simply just being yourself is the first step to attain it. And that’s where I’m at in my journey right now. I’ve built this website because I wanna share my thoughts and knowledge with the world. I love talking about the real estate market, I love a good conversation about finance and business, and most of all, health & wellness. These are the things that matter to me the most. And this is me focusing on ME and the things that I love.

I hope you find my website insightful & inspirational in some way. xx