Whether you need CBD for sleep, anxiety relief, or focus, you'll need to know all the CBD oil dosages to figure out what's best for you.

CBD Oil Dosages: How Much is Right for You?

The CBD industry is worth billions of dollars and there’s no slowing down. As the momentum continues to grow, millions more will turn to CBD to help manage health ailments. 

However, there are still questions surrounding CBD oil, like CBD oil dosage. Is it similar to a medication or an OTC pain reliever? How do you know how much to take? When and why should you take it?

If you’re a first-time CBD oil participant and you have questions, keep reading!

What Is CBD?

The hemp plant contains chemical compounds called cannabinoids, and CBD is one of those. It’s an acronym for cannabinoid. 

There’s some confusion surrounding CBD and its psychosomatic effects because hemp is in the cannabis family, therefore related to marijuana. But CBD cannot get you high, nor do you have to worry about any psychosomatic effects.

The cannabinoid THC, which is found in marijuana, causes the feeling of “getting high”. 

Why Use CBD Oil?

There are many reasons why people turn to CBD to help them with their medical issues. 

First, there are very few side effects associated with CBD, compared to prescriptions. It’s also widely available and tends to last longer. 

Here are a few reasons people start taking CBD:

  • Anxiety
  • Heart health
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Skin issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fight insomnia
  • Offset symptoms of cancer

While the research on CBD looks very positive, it’s important to remember that much of it is anecdotal. More research is still needed to determine long-term effects. 

Types of CBD Methods

Taking CBD is going to be different for everyone based on their tolerance, sensitivity, and lifestyle. Here are some ways to take CBD.

Tinctures are composed of CBD oil and alcohol. Occasionally you can get them flavored, but that depends on preference. When you’re taking CBD tinctures, you measure with an eyedropper making the dose very accurate. 

CBD capsules come premeasured. You take them as you would any other capsule, with water or food. They’re very convenient, making them perfect for people on the go.

CBD gummies or edibles are foods infused with CBD oil. These also have a premeasured amount of CBD in them, so read the label before you take any to understand dosage. There are a variety of different types of CBD gummies flavors and snacks, so there’s something to appease everyone. 

Vaping CBD is another very popular method. Using a vaporizer, which heats up the CBD and turns it into vapor, you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. This means it reaches your bloodstream quickly without metabolizing. 

CBD Oil Dosage

By now you’re probably wondering, “How much CBD do I need?” This is a question that will be different for everyone, but there are some general specifics. 

First, overdosing on CBD is almost impossible. Researchers discovered that up 1,500 mg per day of CBD was safe in many conditions, but many people benefit from 600-800mg. However, that doesn’t mean that because you don’t experience any effects you should take more. 

The most important thing to do when you start taking CBD oil is to start small and work your way up. That way, you can gauge what a good dose is for you since everyone tolerates CBD differently. 

Keeping in mind the type of CBD you’re taking is also important. For example, because CBD edibles need to go through your digestive tract before they’re absorbed into your system, it will take up to two hours before you feel anything.

Contrast that with vaping, where CBD enters your system almost immediately, and you’ll see why it’s important to know what type of CBD you’re taking. 

You also want to ask yourself, “Why am I using CBD oil?” This will help you understand how much you need. The more serious the ailment, the more CBD you may need, like if you’re taking CBD for anxiety.

Depending on the CBD method you use, CBD is likely to stay in your system anywhere from two to six hours. 

If you’re thinking about taking CBD, you should speak with your doctor to see if you’re healthy enough for it, or if CBD might counteract some of your medications. 

Tips for Taking CBD

Adding a new health regimen, food, or supplement is always a little nerve-wracking. If you’ve never taken CBD before and you’re wondering how to start, here are a few tips. 

Don’t buy CBD from just anywhere! Even with the popularity of CBD, you need to be diligent and careful and only buy a product with company transparency. Many companies tout their CBD as the best but do your research to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for and that it’s not a fake.  

Always ask your healthcare professional if they have a recommendation. Some doctors are aware that CBD is taking off, while others dismiss it as a trend. Ask your doctor if they know of any CBD products that are healthy and effective. 

Recognize that no one gets it right on the first try! Taking CBD is largely about trial and error, the type of CBD you take when you take it, and your body’s reaction. If you find you don’t get the results you wanted right away, don’t panic, but keep trying and testing it out! 

Are You Ready to Try CBD?

When it comes to CBD oil dosage, what works for you isn’t the same for everyone. The dose you need will vary due to your body, type, and method. How can you try CBD today?

Do you want to learn more about CBD oil? We’ve got the latest news! Visit our website today!Whether you need CBD for sleep, anxiety relief, or focus, you’ll need to know all the CBD oil dosages to figure out what’s best for you.

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