Florida Man February 14 stories

Florida Man February 14 – That’s Nasty

February 14 is the lucky day. We get to have so many Florida man stories from all over Florida. And this time, we’re going to see two stories that will make you wonder what’s wrong with these people?

I had heard that these stories make you question the sanity of everyone involved. But I had no idea how weird they were. Here are two stories about licking a doorbell and a life-sized Donald Trump cutout.

Florida man February 14, 2019 – caught on camera licking doorbell

This story is just outright nasty. According to the report, a man was caught on camera licking a homeowner’s doorbell, multiple times.

The man was seen wearing a Miami Hurricanes shirt, standing just outside the home, leaning in, and licking the doorbell multiple times. The Florida man then would step back and start playing around with what appear to be newspapers or flyers.

But that’s not all, after he’s done, he’s seen walking away only to come back again later and do it all over again. It’s like this guy was programmed to do it.

So, this event took place in Lake Worth, Florida. And the homeowner was fed up with him that they reported this event to the police. They also know the man, since he has asked them for cigarettes a few times before.

They were okay with him at first, but now he’s coming to visit way too often. And the doorbell licking was the last straw. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what happened next as there is no news regarding his arrest.

February 14, 2020 – Donald Trump’s biggest fan

Do you know anything about dialysis? Well, it sucks. Some people who are going through tough times would use anything to keep them going, and in this case, it is Donald Trump’s life-sized cutout.

A Florida man in Port St. Lucie, Nelson Gibson, insisted on bringing along his beloved Donald Trump life-sized cutout, yet another Florida man, to his dialysis treatment. According to Gibson, his family can’t accompany him during three-and-a-half-hour kidney treatments, so he started bringing a bunch of small-framed pictures of Donald Trump.

At first, the medical staff was okay with that. But apparently, it wasn’t enough to calm Gibson down. So he started to up his game by bringing a miniature cardboard cutout of himself with Donald Trump for comfort.

After doing that several times, Gibson decided to bring a life-sized cutout of Donald Trump. And hear this, he managed to do it the first time without anyone saying anything. But things are different on his second visit with the giant cutout.

The medical staff told him that it is too much. Gibson’s son then called the hospital and was told that the reason was “an issue of safety, infectious disease, which made no sense.” Now, the family felt that the real reason was oppression.

Gibson obviously got upset, since the life-sized cutout was making him comfortable. The son then added, “What I would really like to happen is for them not to infringe upon my father’s freedom of expression and speech and allow him to bring in the life-size cardboard cutout that takes up less service area than a garbage can.” I guess the benefits of the cutout are simply too great to give up.

Ever since the incident happened, Gibson hasn’t returned to the hospital for treatment yet. But without dialysis to treat his kidney, toxic wastes and fluid will eventually build up in his body and will be fatal if left too long.


So what do you think of these stories? Florida man can be either weird or passionate about something. One Florida man is a health hazard while the other one is facing serious health issues.

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