Is your dog having major tummy issues? Click here to learn about the common causes of an upset stomach in dogs with tips on how to give your pup relief.

The Common Causes of an Upset Stomach in Dogs, Explained

There is nothing worse than seeing your dog uncomfortable and in pain. It can be heartwrenching to know your dog has an upset stomach. Your pup is part of the family after all!

Unfortunately, your dog can’t tell you why they feel sick. An upset stomach in dogs is quite common but can be caused by several different factors.

If your pup feels under the weather, keep reading to find out why they may have stomach issues.

Food Consumption

Oftentimes, if your dog has an upset stomach, it could be caused by their food consumption. Whether it be overeating, eating too fast, or ingesting something that upsets their belly, dogs have sensitive stomachs.

These issues have simple remedies. Talking with a vet to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of food can prevent overeating. Similarly, a slow-feed bowl can help deter your dog from consuming food too quickly. 

Also, try to avoid giving your pup table scraps. Those puppy dog eyes can be tempting, but human food can be dangerous for many dogs. Some food can cause dog digestive issues and serious illness.

Motion Sickness

Don’t be fooled by the trope of dogs sticking their heads out of car windows. Many pups suffer from motion sickness!

Like humans suffer from car sickness, dogs can experience similar symptoms. Drooling, yawning, shaking, and ultimately vomiting are all tell-tale signs of motion sickness in dogs.

While car rides are inevitable, there are solutions to help reduce your dog’s discomfort. Comfort toys or blankets, harnesses, and lowering windows can help. If all else fails, other remedies can alleviate dog motion sickness!


Many times, dogs will have bodily reactions to stressful or anxiety-inducing events. Loud noises, weather, and separation can lead to your dog having an upset stomach. 

An easy fix is to make sure your dog is comfortable in their environment and reduce the amount of exposure they have to stressors. While some stressors are inevitable, comforting your pup and giving them lots of love can help.


A more serious cause, viral illnesses can lead to an upset stomach in dogs. If you find that your dog is vomiting or suffering from other issues like diarrhea consistently, it could be time to take a trip to the vet. 

The most common bug is called gastroenteritis. This can be tricky to detect, so staying vigilant about your dog’s health is key.

A vet will be able to properly diagnose the illness and may prescribe medication to help alleviate your dog’s discomfort. They may also recommend a temporary diet change while your pup recovers. 

Be on the Lookout for Upset Stomach in Dogs

No one likes to see their dog’s pained puppy eyes. 

When in doubt, consulting with a vet can keep your mind at ease when your dog is having issues. Monitoring your dog’s health can keep them happy and help resolve an upset stomach in dogs

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